Discovering new products for my back bar has always made me thank the universe for guiding me to choose bartending for a job. But when it comes to finding hidden gems, local small batch spirits and liqueurs, the triumphant discovery turns to an all-night experimentation: impossible pairings, different measures, rounding off rough edges, matches made in heaven. Actually, I didn't hesitate at all. When I got hold of my first Skinos bottle, the idea of using THAT flavor in classic cocktails came right up. And that flavor is Mastiha, a rare Greek spice distilled into a carefully made new product, following a centuries-old tradition, sporting an elegant houte couture dress, while awaking childhood memories of long summer afternoons. So here they are: a good bunch of what-you-have-been-mixing-for-ever revamped and spiced up with Greece's new spirit.
Enjoy Skinos!  Michael Menegos, Mixologist