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Πατήστε για να ανοίξει η φωτογραφία Mediterranean Cocktails Challenge 2015: Submissions are open!
The Mediterranean Cocktails Challenge 2015 has begun! 

We are celebrating the 5th year of the competition with a very special guest from Employees Only in New York, Steve Schneider! 

Bartenders who wish to take part in this Mediterranean journey can enter and submit their unique recipe.

Good luck! 
Πατήστε για να ανοίξει η φωτογραφία Mediterranean Cocktails Challenge 2014: Submissions are open!
The preparations for the 4th Mediterranean Cocktails Challenge have begun! 

Bartenders from Greece, Cyprus, Lebanon, Turkey, USA and all over the Mediterranean are sending in their signature recipes.

Go to and get your chance to win the Mediterranean Cocktails Challenge 2014!

Πατήστε για να ανοίξει η φωτογραφία Mediterranean Cocktails Challenge 2012: Finals!
The Mediterranean Cocktails Challenge 2012 has just been completed!

116 participations from all over Greece and Cyprus, 8 finalists who shined after a long semi final, 1 winner who will be travelling to New Orleans to participate in the Tales of the Cocktail, the largest bar mixology event in the world!

These are the results of the 2nd Mediterranean Cocktails Challenge which took place on the 21st and 22nd of May at Socialista bar in Athens.
Mediterranean Cocktails Challenge 2012: Participants List
The list of participants who will take place in the semi-finals in Athens on the 21st of May is up:

Go to to see the names of all the bartenders who will be competing for a place in the finals on the 22nd of May

Good luck to everyone!
Πατήστε για να ανοίξει η φωτογραφία Mediterranean Cocktails Challenge 2012: Submissions closed
The submissions for the Mediterranean Cockails Challenge, the uniquely Mediterranean-themed mixology competition, are now closed.

The participation has been spectacular with 116 submissions from all over Greece, Cyprus, Lebanon and other destinations!

The bartenders have set a very high standard with their truly original creations and ideas.

Good luck to everyone and we hope to see you at the semi-finals on the 21st of May in Athens!
Πατήστε για να ανοίξει η φωτογραφία Reuters praises Skinos

"Ouzo? That's for tourists. While in the Greek capital Athens, real tipplers drink mastiha..."
New Skinos facebook page
Dear Skinos fans,

You can find the latest updates on Skinos at the brand new official facebook page!

Go to and "like" the page.

Πατήστε για να ανοίξει η φωτογραφία Tasting Table praises Skinos Mastiha Spirit
Highy acclaimed New York restaurants reviewer TASTING TABLE praises Skinos Fizz, Skinos, soda water and mint syrup.
Πατήστε για να ανοίξει η φωτογραφία Skinos available at MORRELL NY
Skinos is now available at the landmark wine & spirits store of NY, MORRELL (1 Rockefeller Plaza, NY 10020)
Πατήστε για να ανοίξει η φωτογραφία US : expert bartenders and mixologists spread the word for Skinos
Skinos distribution has reached 15 states in the United States with sales figures outperforming initial expectations by far since launch in February 2011.
More and more industry specialists as well as discerning consumers spread the word for Skinos nationwide.
The final event of the MEDITERRANEAN COCKTAILS CHALLENGE took place at DA VINCI bar in Athens on June 07, 2011. There have been more than 100 recipes submitted from Greece, Turkey, Lebanon, Cyrpus and other Mediterranean countries. The judging panel had a challenging task to select the winner Mr. George Tsirikos who prevailed hiw contestants with Skinos Mediterranean Sunset , a unique combination of Skinos, fig, carpano vermouth, blood orange and lime juices.
Demetre Steinhauer ,founder of Skinos, commented: "I am so happy that our initiative to promote the mediterranean cocktailing culture found such a warm welcome by high caliber bartenders. I am looking forward to next year's follow up event" .
The winner will participate at international cocktails event, TALES OF THE COCKTAIL, in New Orleans.
Πατήστε για να ανοίξει η φωτογραφία MIXOLOGY iPhone application gets Mediterranean flare
Skinos Mediterranean Cocktails are now featured in MIXOLOGY, the most downloded drinks recipes application for iPhone & iPad.
The five most known Skinos cocktails -med, peppy, sour, fresh & dry- are now available to over 4 million iPhone/iPad holders that make use the MIXOLOGY application every month.
Download for free MIXOLOGY application at :
Πατήστε για να ανοίξει η φωτογραφία Gold medal for Skinos at San Francisco Competition 2011
Skinos Mastiha Spirit has been awarded the Golden Medal at San Francisco Competition 2011. This is the first award that Skinos recieves after the successful introduction of Skinos in the US last October (2010).
Πατήστε για να ανοίξει η φωτογραφία Chicago: Skinos NOW avaialble in the US

A HARDY USA introduces Skinos Mastiha Spirit in at least 16 states. Skinos Exports Director commented "we are so excited entering in the US market and be able to positively respond to the numberous conusmer and trade inquiries".
For HARDY USA Ltd contact details visit

Πατήστε για να ανοίξει η φωτογραφία Skinos new print campaign in Greece
Skinos new print campaign is about to air in Greece in leading lifestyle media & newspapers.
The concept is based on Skinos positioning as the TRULY MEDITERRANEAN SPIRIT.
Πατήστε για να ανοίξει η φωτογραφία Skinos features The Manhattan Classic Cocktail Event, New York
Skinos cocktail Med has been selected to be one of the 8 signature cocktails in the opening day of the world acclaimed The Manhattan Classic Cocktail Event in New York, October 3-4